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Name Badges/Tags and Photo ID badges

Name badges come in all shapes and sizes. There are set sizes the fit with frames but we can also custom make badges to whatever size you want. We have two types of engraving methods: Rotary engraving and Laser engraving. We also offer digital printed name badges and photo ID badges that offers full color printing but limited to the maximum size of a basic credit card. Sublimation is another option we offer for full color printing and we can also make custom sizes as well. 

For logos with color, we can create a die and hot stamp it onto a badge. Color matching is limited to what color foils are available to us. If color is not a problem, can laser engrave the logos onto the plastic badges. The color of the laser engraved badges will depend on the color of the plastic (i.e. gold badge with black core will have black engraved text & fonts).

Please contact us with further questions.

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